Obscuria de Profundis

by Tolo Parra, published by Void.



“It seems that the only certainty is that man was born on earth but his future is the stars, the universe and the uncertainty of knowing himself lonely in this unknown dimension.”

— Tolo Parra





“Perhaps man has done nothing else since his birth as a species rather than wandering in an infinite desert of nothing. A dark and unknown dimension to his consciousness in which his only destiny is the eternal search. Although the result is always to get the answer that he still knows nothing and that silence is the only answer infinity gives him.”

— Tolo Parra



Published and designed by Void in 2020, the book concept was developed by Tolo Parra in collaboration with the awarded editor Gonzalo Golpe.

The book is divided in 6 chapters, presenting the narrative arch of the universe: between the initial and the final “nothing”… all the history of mankind.

‘Obscuria de Profundis’ received the kind support of the Universidad de Cádiz. It is released on the occasion of the exhibition ‘Obscuria de Profundis by Tolo Parra’, that takes place in the Kursala Gallery of the University of Cádiz.






24 x 32 cm
208 Pages
800 copies
Texts in English & Spanish


ISBN 978-618-84341-9-6

Price: 32€